Struct zebrad::config::ZebradConfig[][src]

pub struct ZebradConfig {
    pub consensus: ConsensusSection,
    pub metrics: MetricsSection,
    pub network: NetworkSection,
    pub state: StateSection,
    pub tracing: TracingSection,
    pub sync: SyncSection,

Configuration for zebrad.

The zebrad config is a TOML-encoded version of this structure. The meaning of each field is described in the documentation, although it may be necessary to click through to the sub-structures for each section.


consensus: ConsensusSection

Consensus configuration

metrics: MetricsSection

Metrics configuration

network: NetworkSection

Networking configuration

state: StateSection

State configuration

tracing: TracingSection

Tracing configuration

sync: SyncSection

Sync configuration

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ZebradConfig[src]

impl Configurable<ZebradConfig> for ZebradCmd[src]

This trait allows you to define how application configuration is loaded.

fn config_path(&self) -> Option<PathBuf>[src]

Location of the configuration file

fn process_config(
    config: ZebradConfig
) -> Result<ZebradConfig, FrameworkError>

Apply changes to the config after it’s been loaded, e.g. overriding values in a config file using command-line options.

This can be safely deleted if you don’t want to override config settings from command-line options.

impl Debug for ZebradConfig[src]

impl Default for ZebradConfig[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for ZebradConfig where
    ZebradConfig: Default

impl Serialize for ZebradConfig[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ZebradConfig

impl Send for ZebradConfig

impl Sync for ZebradConfig

impl Unpin for ZebradConfig

impl UnwindSafe for ZebradConfig

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