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The syncer downloads and verifies large numbers of blocks from peers to Zebra.

It is used when Zebra is a long way behind the current chain tip.


Sync configuration section.
A helper type which holds a list of recent syncer response lengths. These sync lengths can be used to work out if Zebra has reached the end of the chain.
A helper type to determine if the synchronizer has likely reached the chain tip.


Errors that can occur when gossiping committed blocks


The default for the user-specified lookahead limit.
The expected maximum number of hashes in an ObtainTips or ExtendTips response.
A lower bound on the user-specified checkpoint verification concurrency limit.
A lower bound on the user-specified concurrency limit.
Controls how long we wait for a tips response to return.
A multiplier used to calculate the extra number of blocks we allow in the verifier, state, and block commit pipelines, on top of the lookahead limit.


Run continuously, gossiping newly verified block::Hashes to peers.
Logs Zebra’s estimated progress towards the chain tip every minute or so.