[][src]Struct zebrad::application::ZebradApp

pub struct ZebradApp { /* fields omitted */ }

Zebrad Application


impl ZebradApp[src]

pub fn git_commit() -> &'static str[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Application for ZebradApp[src]

type Cmd = EntryPoint<ZebradCmd>

Entrypoint command for this application.

type Cfg = ZebradConfig

Application configuration.

type Paths = StandardPaths

Paths to resources within the application.

pub fn config(&self) -> &ZebradConfig[src]

Accessor for application configuration.

pub fn state(&self) -> &State<Self>[src]

Borrow the application state immutably.

pub fn state_mut(&mut self) -> &mut State<Self>[src]

Borrow the application state mutably.

pub fn framework_components(
    &mut self,
    command: &Self::Cmd
) -> Result<Vec<Box<dyn Component<Self>>>, FrameworkError>

Returns the framework components used by this application.

pub fn register_components(
    &mut self,
    command: &Self::Cmd
) -> Result<(), FrameworkError>

Register all components used by this application.

If you would like to add additional components to your application beyond the default ones provided by the framework, this is the place to do so.

pub fn init(&mut self, command: &Self::Cmd) -> Result<(), FrameworkError>[src]

Load this application's configuration and initialize its components.

pub fn after_config(&mut self, config: Self::Cfg) -> Result<(), FrameworkError>[src]

Post-configuration lifecycle callback.

Called regardless of whether config is loaded to indicate this is the time in app lifecycle when configuration would be loaded if possible.

impl Debug for ZebradApp[src]

impl Default for ZebradApp[src]

Initialize a new application instance.

By default no configuration is loaded, and the framework state is initialized to a default, empty state (no components, threads, etc).

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for ZebradApp[src]

impl Send for ZebradApp[src]

impl Sync for ZebradApp[src]

impl Unpin for ZebradApp[src]

impl !UnwindSafe for ZebradApp[src]

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