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Transactions and transaction-related structures.


pub use sapling::FieldNotPresent;


Arbitrary data generation for transaction proptests
Methods for building transactions.


An authorizing data commitment hash as specified in ZIP-244.
A transaction ID, which uniquely identifies mined v5 transactions, and all v1-v4 transactions.
The different SigHash types, as defined in https://zips.z.cash/zip-0143
A bundle of JoinSplit descriptions and signature data.
A 512-byte (plaintext) memo associated with a note, as described in protocol specification §5.5.
A serialized transaction.
A Signature Hash (or SIGHASH) as specified in https://zips.z.cash/protocol/protocol.pdf#sighash
An unmined transaction, and its pre-calculated unique identifying ID.
A verified unmined transaction, and the corresponding transaction fee.
A witnessed transaction ID, which uniquely identifies unmined v5 transactions.


A Bitcoin-style locktime, representing either a block height or an epoch time.
A Zcash transaction.
A unique identifier for an unmined transaction, regardless of version.