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Core Zcash data structures.

This crate provides definitions of core data structures for Zcash, such as blocks, transactions, addresses, etc.


pub use block::LedgerState;


Strongly-typed zatoshi amounts that prevent under/overflows.
Blocks and block-related structures (heights, headers, etc.)
Zebra interfaces for access to chain tip information.
Tracing the execution time of functions.
Format wrappers for Zebra
History tree (Merkle mountain range) structure that contains information about the block history as specified in ZIP-221.
Orchard-related functionality.
Parallel chain update methods.
Consensus parameters for each Zcash network.
External primitives used in Zcash structures.
Sapling-related functionality.
Consensus-critical serialization.
Shutdown related code.
Sprout-related functionality.
Transactions and transaction-related structures.
Transparent-related (Bitcoin-inherited) functionality.
A type that can hold the four types of Zcash value pools.
Proof-of-work implementation.


Create an initialized AtLeastOne instance.